Brand Boosters USA’s Privacy and Terms

The protection of privacy is a cornerstone of Brand Boosters USA's dedication to excellence. We have upheld the trust put in us as guardians of sensitive data throughout our journey. We value the privacy of our valued customers, a tradition that extends back to our beginnings.

Brand Boosters USA offers services to a wide range of businesses, catering to individuals and businesses with distinct and specialized privacy concerns. Each of our websites has its privacy policy, which is suited to the complexities of the underlying business model.

Principles of Privacy Policy

Brand Boosters USA is a diverse service provider that specializes in Logo Design, Branding, Website and Application Development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, and Video Animation. Our dedication to accuracy, security, compliance, and confidentiality is unwavering:


We insist on correctness and completeness in all information exchanges.


The protection of your data is critical. We make strict efforts to prevent unauthorized access and ensure proper disposal.


Rest assured that we handle data according to legal regulations and contractual commitments.


We keep the information strictly confidential and adhere to the highest confidentiality requirements.


Our policies are by privacy legislation, ensuring clear data sharing, notification, and preferences.


Your privacy inquiries are responded to in a timely and correct manner, always by the law.

Employee Training:

Our crew is well-versed in privacy, security, and compliance, ensuring correct data handling.


We continually evaluate and improve our methods to protect the security of your data and our dedication to excellence.

Terms and Conditions

When you work with Brand Boosters USA, you make a promise to follow our Terms and Conditions, acknowledging the duties as binding and voluntary.

Intellectual Property Protection: Our Creative Essence

Brand Boosters USA retains ownership of all aspects of our website, including visuals, content, and computer code. Brand Boosters USA's content, scripts, software, or apps maintain their copyright, and commercial replication or resale requires prior permission from Brand Boosters USA management.

Navigating Acknowledgements and Limitations

Brand Boosters USA accepts no responsibility for search engine omissions or delays caused by Internet Service Provider difficulties. Acts outside of our control, such as strikes or equipment breakdowns, are not held accountable. You understand that our services are offered "as is" and "as available" by using them. We cannot guarantee data security and relinquish obligation for data loss unless it is the result of willful or gross negligence.

Simplified Financials: Payment and Investing

Please see our Investment costs page for more information on Brand Boosters USA service costs, or contact us at [email protected].

Interaction and Privacy on Our Corporate Site

When you provide contact information on our corporate websites, we only utilize it for the stated reason. We promise not to disclose, rent, or sell your personal information for marketing purposes. Changes will be communicated to you in circumstances such as mergers and acquisitions. Your privacy is important.

Our Refund & Cancellation Policy is guided by specific scenarios:

  • A discounted package has been selected.
  • Primary design concept approval is in place.
  • Revisions have been requested.
  • Urgent design projects are non-refundable.
  • Cancellation is unrelated to the company.
  • The client remains unresponsive for over 2 weeks.
  • Company policies have been violated.
  • Alternative vendors have been engaged.
  • The creative brief lacks essential information.
  • Substantial design changes are sought.
  • Refund request surpasses the stipulated timeframe.
  • Business closure or name change is underway.
  • Non-service-related reasons aren't eligible for refunds.
  • Bundle dissatisfaction leads to a refund for that specific service only.
  • Final file delivery marks the end of refund eligibility.
  • Refunds and revisions do not apply to free items.
  • Services like Social Media, SEO, Domain Registration, and Web Hosting are non-refundable.
  • Website design approval precedes development, nullifying refunds.
  • Third-party outsourced work doesn't qualify for refunds.